Thursday, August 10, 2006

......artist's current mood.....

Blah. Depressed. Blank.

At least I'm painting. But that's not even working to make me feel better.

Maybe it's WHAT I'm painting. As I'm working on it, I realize the concept has hit home with me on a certain subject. Which at first I thought it was good, because it would help me title the work. But now I think it's not-so-good. And no, I'm not gonna say HOW it hit home with ME, because that doesn't mean squat to a potential buyer. Seems to me most buyers form their own impressions of the work and purchase because of THEIR feelings and emotions about it. I might be wrong, but in my opinion, my thoughts about the work make no difference. It's not about ME. It is when I paint it, but when it becomes a purchasing decision for someone else, then it's about them, not me.

Right now, however, the painting is about me. And it's depressing me because of what it's saying to me (it's not a depressing painting - it's a cool painting - however, right now it's depressing to me).

Sometimes I love that my work makes me "feel things"...sometimes I hate it. This is one of the "hate it" times. BLAH


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