Saturday, August 26, 2006

Nice to Know there are still some good people in the world! Thanks Rachel & all the artists!

Wow....what a great party at the gallery last night! Tons of people, and I'm sure Jacque's jewelry sales were awesome. I'm having her custom design me a cross with amethyst and jade. Sure, I could make it myself, but I want to get a bit of Jacque's great energy into my life, and by owning something she made, I'll achieve that special something I can't get from making the piece myself.

And then Rachel Dickson, gallery owner, delivered up a BIG SUPRISE in the form of a chocolate chip mint ice cream cake for MOI! Woohoo! I was shocked....I never expected it! So I ended up with a birthday celebration FINALLY - thanks to Rachel and the other artists at the Dickson Gallery for their KINDNESS & GENEROSITY!

It is a true blessing to experience something so wonderful, especially in the midst of the turmoil I've been dealing with in my personal life due to extended family members, which is causing me all kinds of stress and affecting me badly. Not that how *I FEEL* matters to any of them though (that is like SO OBVIOUS!) by day I am learning to accept this and just move on with my own life - I don't need the negative energy, especially from sources who are obviously so unfeeling and uncaring about other human beings.

You know, it's bad enough to deal with negative energy from those who really do care and might just be "having a bad day" - but it's just SENSELESS to put up with negative energy from sources who are obviously destroying everything and everyone in their path. I won't do it anymore. I refuse to do it. I refuse to allow anyone ever again to talk to me the way I've been talked to during these past 3 months, and I refuse to allow anyone in my presence to ever treat me badly again. THERE ARE BETTER WAYS TO LIVE and it STOPS NOW as far as I'm concerned, even if I have to walk away forever. And if they dare to press on with me and push me when I'm trying to just walk away and claim the good life I DESERVE, I have no qualms about giving back to them exactly what they are giving out. If that happens, it won't be a pretty scene. After all, I'm a LEO and while I can sit here and calmly watch the madness, and even deal with some personal attacks in a calm manner, eventually the claws and the teeth will come out!

In the middle of dealing with all of that, however, I can honestly say AMEN! When I experience such kindness as I did last night, it affirms to me there is still something decent in the world these days, and it's great to see there are people who actually CARE ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE! This goes on the top of my gratitude list this week!

I also met some great people last night - saw several at this gallery event I hadn't seen before and enjoyed meeting everyone. It was so much fun! Thanks Rachel, for putting on such fabulous events at the gallery, and more than that, thanks for reaffirming my belief that there are good people in the world and that I can be blessed by having them in my life!



Anonymous said...

Hey Jai,
You so deserved our little gesture of good hope/faith/happiness last night. It was the least I could do for all the help you've been to us here at the Dickson Gallery over the past many months. ...but most're such a great simply deserved that mint choc. chip ice cream cake you've been wanting for your birthday...just sorry it was tad late. sooo, happiest of birthday wishes...from the Dickson Gallery and all our artists!
...and yes, you're was a GREAT party!
Rachel Dickson

Paula said...

What a wonderful surprise! Isn't it fabulous to discover wonderful people are in the world and YOU get to spend time with them?? :) Congrats on your surprise.

And you (and the ones you love) deserve better than negative attitudes. Karma dear... karma!