Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The fear...oh deer oh deer...

The fear: I've lost it. I've forgotten how to paint...

The subject: A Deer

Now a deer is an animal I should be able to paint with my eyes closed...especially a close up portrait of one like I'm working on. But yesterday, I struggled with this guy. He's 1/2 done now and last night I was sitting there thinking....what do I do next here? And then the fear came in.....Oh my God I've lost it! I've forgotten how to paint!

What happened here is I've lost my momentum. I've done exactly what I tell everyone around me I absolutely cannot do....I haven't painted in 3 days up until yesterday. MISTAKE! Truly, I want to paint EVERY DAY to keep my momentum going, keep that positive flow moving.

But as we all know, I allowed my flow to be disrupted over the past week and now I'm paying the price. Last time I went 3 days without painting and I had the most difficult time getting "back in the swing of things". So I said, I'm not doing THAT again! And whaddya know.....I did it again. Sigh.

I'm not giving up though - I can't let this buck sit there 1/2 done. I'm going to try again today to see if I can get into it.

I wonder if other artists face this issue? Or is it just me?


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