Friday, August 25, 2006

How nice it is to hear customer responses...

Yesterday I was working the gallery and a young couple with a little girl came in. They were there to see the artwork of another artist who teaches the children how to draw and paint.

While the woman was taking everything in, the husband and little girl seemed to settle in on a fascination with one painting - my work, Bluebell Lane. It was so wonderful to FINALLY hear a "real customer" response to my landscape work! Since this is an area which is relatively newer to me, I am very nervous about the presentation of the work, and very few people on the internet ever say a word about anything's like if they love it they buy it and that's how you know the work you are doing is meaningful and worthwhile. If they don't buy - you just don't know.

I am happy to say, this customer said this was his favorite - he said he loved landscapes and he liked the colors of the painting and the added detail on the bunny rabbit on the path.

Then I told him I painted it, and formally introduced myself. :) He asked if it was oil, or acrylic, and I explained it was watercolor on the new watercolor canvas. He seemed AMAZED by that - he was totally fascinated about how these pieces could look so different than traditional watercolor, and how they can be framed or hung without glass. I explained how I have a problem with toxic substances and cannot use the toxic paints - but that I had always loved painting on canvas and canvas board. When this product came out, it enabled me to do what I love in a medium which is safe for me to use. And it also looks fantastic!

All in all, it was a nice exchange. I wish I could have sold him the painting, though! I couldn't seem to get that far along, but the little girl seemed she had a bad cough and he was a little concerned about her, so they left. I think they will be back though!

Tonight at the gallery there is the opening show for Jacque Hillman - she is a jewelry designer and it should be a great show. If you live in the Jackson, TN area, come down to the Dickson Gallery of Fine Art at 118 E. Lafayette tonight at 7 pm to enjoy live music, drinks and snacks (yes, I'm bringing my delectable sausage balls!), and to meet Jacque and see her amazing jewels!



Shant said...

That watercolor on canvas is great! How do you like the feel of it? Do you have to seal it?

Jai said...

I personally love the feel of the canvas. It does take some getting used to at first, but it didn't take me long. I haven't painted on paper since I started with this canvas! And yes, you do have to seal the work. I use a matte finish spray and it works very well.