Monday, August 21, 2006

A New Series....The Orchard Hills Collection

I know it's been several days since I posted...and I apologize. I've been working out the details of a very large series I'm designing titled "The Orchard Hills Collection".

My grandather (deceased) from Mifflinburg, PA added to his community greatly by building a fabulous area when he was alive. Not only did he build a shopping center there, but he built many homes across the Buffalo Valley. His personal home - where I visited many times when I was a child - was located on a street he named "Old Orchard Lane". I have very fond memories of visits there!

I was thinking about how he exercised his creative vision through real estate, and thought I'd love to do the same, but ON CANVAS. So I am creating an entire "community" of cottage homes - some small, and some as large as castles! I'm doing one painting of each, and each will have an address on "Old Orchard Lane" in my Orchard Hills Collection.

In addition to creating the landscape paintings of my fantasy world, I am also creating what I call "companion pieces". The companion pieces are smaller paintings, featuring up close and personal views of some of the subjects with the landscape paintings.

This first painting I have posted is titled "The Entrance" and features the entrance to Old Orchard Lane. Within the painting are various animals, including a deer, a squirrel and a bluebird, as well as a red fox in the distance. I've decided to complete companion paintings of the deer (16x20), and the squirrel and the bluebird (both will be 9" x 12"). The companion paintings can be displayed along with the main painting, or they stand perfectly fine on their own!

In addition to creating the original paintings in the series, I have elected to publish each design as a stretched and mounted canvas print. This is a more affordable version which is comparable to the original art, and it gives everyone an opportunity to place their favorite images from the collection in their living spaces.

So I've been busy working out the details of that, and I plan to complete 3-4 paintings a week - each week will be focused on a different "address" on my Old Orchard Lane. :)


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