Friday, February 10, 2006

PUG Portrait Pendant Lariat Necklace w/Pawprint Beads!

Someone told me about a pug named "Guido" recently, and as I completed this pendant, I think he looks like a Guido! :) I'm so excited I FINALLY got my new necklace design for 2006 figured out. I thought the Pomeranian below was going to be "it" as far as the style - but unfortunately doing others in that same fashion didn't work out. So I had to come up with something new.

For the new design, I've fashioned a pendant with a hand-cut brass tube bail. Then I've made the necklace lariat style, and added two matching pawprint beads on the ends. The necklace can be worn at a longer length with it simply knotted behind the neck and the pawprint beads on the back - OR, it can be shortened and worn shorter on the front, and the pawprint beads draped around where they fall beside the pendant for a cute look.

This pug portrait necklace is on Ebay (but only once!) this week. Or if you want to snatch him up before he has bids, you can do so at my website here.


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