Thursday, February 02, 2006

Pink Flamingo Brooch/Pendant

Oh the photo doesn't *even* do this brooch/pendant camera loves to saturate red and pink. UGH. Anyway, it's a beautiful piece of original art jewelry and I'm sure it will find a home with the perfect collector!

My muscles are sore. Another UGH. My neighbor had two rather large trees cut back and I helped his grandson load the back of the truck with them - that was what I call "natural weight lifting". As if I wasn't sore enough from that, I went down to the gallery today and helped Rachel rearrange. Even though I didn't lift/carry too many heavy things, the few I did played on these other sore muscles. I think tomorrow afternoon I'll take a break and just make jewelry! :)

Next up on the workbench is a sculpted blue and gold macaw bead/pendant - and after that, a few more dog breeds.

Off to the bed for me now though....this ole body is tired tonight!


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