Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Introducing Coloresque.Com

Today I'd like to invite you to stop in and view my new "baby". Coloresque is what I've chosen to name this business. It accurately describes what these jewels are - infused with color! The idea for Coloresque was born when I was recently preparing my miniature paintings I call "Fragments".

However, over the past year, I've become even more fascinated with color than ever before, and have developed an extreme passion for carnival masks, costumes and colors. Perhaps it was because of my New Orleans study I did, where I created a series of jewels based on colorful New Orleans photographs....perhaps it was because I thought I'll never get to attend the Mardis Gras celebration in New Orleans after the hurricane destroyed the city. Whatever the true reason, the brilliant and beautiful colors of celebrations are on my mind.

I've decided to base my Coloresque.Com theme on the Venice Carnival, which features some of the most beautiful masks and costumes I've ever seen - the colors are AMAZING!

Wearing a Coloresque necklace is like wearing a miniature painting - each is different and unique - even the two sides are different, though they utilize the same colors - giving the wearer two necklaces in one due to the difference in pattern on each side.

I've decided to go with the lentil shaped focal beads on these, as that is my favorite bead shape. They are so comfortable to wear!

Currently I only have a few pieces on the site, but that will change starting with today, as I have a large custom order already to get filled, and I will be making additional necklaces at the same time to place on the new website. I also plan on photographing the unique packaging option I've come up with for these and placing a photo of that on the site as well.

Late last night, I added a section to the site about colors and their meanings - that is from my free online book I wrote in 1999 called Healing With Color. If you enjoy color, you might enjoy reading it!

So it looks like I'll be seriously busy now with this new site, creating the jewels for it, as well as making the sculpted bulldog beads in my "Fred & Ethel" series. :) Although I've already been asked many times to make other dog breeds, for now, I've decided to focus on the one breed which will help me excel in my accuracy of the sculpture. I'm sure I'll give Fred & Ethel some friends and new family members eventually. :)

Thanks for stopping in - hope you enjoy visiting the new website and reading about color! Custom orders are welcome too!


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