Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Fun with Polymer Clay Scraps

My polymer clay buddies will LOVE this idea! As you all know, when doing projects, we always have a little clay left of this color or that color, we always have extra pieces, patterns, etc. And, being the frugal folks we are, we NEVER throw anything away - as scrap pieces of clay can be used in NUMEROUS ways. Because in the polymer world, a scrap is rarely a scrap - it is ALWAYS a tiny treasure just waiting to be placed somewhere. :)

Well, here's one for ya - I have taken my "scraps" and created miniature abstract paintings with them. I've built tiny "canvases" from transulcent clay, decided what tiny pieces I had left from other projects would look good together, and I've combined them, creating a polymer painted "wrap" for my canvases.

Each painting was then baked, and finished out with 2 tiny screws and brass wire for hanging.

Viola! Cute little miniature abstract works of art! I ended up making 8 or 9 of these up yesterday - that's really too much in one day as by the end of the night my brain was going bonkers from seeing so many different colors and patterns.

So basically what I've decided is from now on, as I work on one piece, if I have "scraps" left, I'll make up a mini abstract THEN, rather than waiting and trying to do them all at once.

So what does one DO with these? Considering I have put them ALL UP ON AUCTION this week, I figured I better know the answer to that. Of course, because of the wire on the back, they can be hung immediately upon receipt. Those who collect miniature works of art will adore these. Dollhouse collectors and decorators may also find them enjoyable for their miniature worlds. They can be framed in many unique ways, including shadow boxes, should a buyer wish to do that. And they are the perfect tiny treasures for small spaces - such as office cubicles where you don't have a lot of room to decorate, but you want to create your OWN space with your own artistic treasures.

They are also very affordable - trust me - check out my low opening bids for these! These don't take as much time as my more intricate, realistic works or art and art jewelry, so I can afford to list them for low prices on Ebay and on my website.

Oh, by the way, I guess you've noticed the series name - Fragments. I thought it was appropriate for this collection. Anyway, I hope you enjoy viewing these. As I said, I'll be creating more of these as I go along, so no telling what kind of colors and patterns you'll find. And each turns out different, and unique, surprising even me! :)


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