Saturday, February 18, 2006

Luck of the Irish, English Bulldog Bead/Pendant/Ornament COMPLETE! she is! Ethel the English Bulldog in her lucky St. Patrick's Day hat with four leaf clover adornment! This is the first English Bulldog bead in a series I'm working on of fully sculpted (all the way around!) bulldog bead/pendant/ornaments. You'll see both Ethel and her partner, Fred, in numerous "costumes", celebrating holidays and events, as well as just plain having FUN.

Ethel is available from my website, or on Ebay. If "Luck of the Irish" is a must have collectible for you, I recommend going to my website and purchasing her there, before she gets a bid on Ebay.

Don't forget, see the "in progress" bead below - what a difference!


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