Friday, February 24, 2006

Fred the English Bulldog in "Too Much Pub" (click to bid!)

"See it's like this said you wanted a shamrock...((hiccup)) I stopped downtown to get you one....((hiccup))...and they were having this St. Patrick's Day celebration...((hiccup))...and I just couldn't resist that green beer! Next thing I know....((hiccup))...I kinda got in over my head. I'm so sorry Ethel...((hiccup))...will you EVER forgive me? I got you the shamrock....see?"

Well here it is! The companion bead to the "Luck of the Irish" St. Patrick's Day bead/pendant/ornament which features Ethel.....this is Fred who has had just a bit too much green beer this holiday season! Click here to read more about Fred and to bid on him on Ebay!


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