Sunday, February 19, 2006

Beautification - Ethel the English Bulldog in curlers!

Ethel is here again! This time in her curlers, head wrap and bathrobe. (she's getting ready for a date with Fred, who you will all meet very soon too!)

"The things we women have to go through to make ourselves beautiful! These damn curlers gimme a headache every time...but what's a girl to do? Fred wants beauty, so I have to go through this hell to get there. Word has it he's bringin' me a ring tonight - I say skip the rocks and gimme a cinnamon bun - sugar, baby...that's what I'm talkin' about. Best medicine in the world for the pain of beautification!"

You have one chance to bid on "Beautification" on Ebay - she is on this week only! Or, if this original sculpted bead/pendant is a "gotta have now", then hurry and purchase her from my website before she gets a bid!


P.S. Update! (5:35 pm CST) The first "Fred" bead is done! He's ready for his date with Ethel! As soon as I can handle him, I'll get a photo to put up here. He's SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

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