Sunday, February 12, 2006

Magnolia & Ladybugs Lariat Necklace, Sun Conure Brooch/Pendant

Two new jewels have emerged from the studio.....first is this delightful, cheerful Sun Conure. I've never owned one of these birds (I have a cockatiel and parakeet), but I've always been fascinated by them - they look like happy little fellas! This is a brooch pendant and he is on Ebay - or if you want to snatch him up before he has a bid, you can do so on my website here.

This second jewel is another lariat necklace, this one longer than the first one I made because the pendant is a larger size. I actually thought of this Magnolia/Ladybug design when I woke up in the middle of the night, and even though I don't do many floral designs, I felt I *had to* create this one with the ladybug accent beads. I used a couple of different techniques for the base pattern on both this and the Conure. A watercolor bead design I learned has been incorporated, along with some cane work, and then of course, genuine gold leaf. This necklace is on Ebay now, or you can get it from my website if you do so before there is a bid.


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