Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Having Fun With Color!

Yesterday, I spent the entire day having fun with color! And now there are numerous selections filling up my new website, Coloresque.

I also made this photo of my packaging to show on the website. I've spent this morning working out the details on my custom order page...trying to think of the potential and the possibilities (which are really unlimited) for creating these jewels in a person's specific color choices. Thanks to some input from my best friend, I came up with many instances where custom orders might be appropriate. Weddings (gifts for bridesmaids created in the colors of the wedding) • Birth Month Colors (children, grandchildren, and couples birth month colors combined in a jewel) • Company spirit • Specific causes/movements (e.g. pink for Breast Cancer Awareness) • and more!

I added a page listing the colors of the birth months. And I also have a meanings of color page from my free online book Healing With Color.

It's all pulling together now! Oh, and I set up the Team Spirit category, for those who want necklaces created in their team colors. And I put an example piece up I made for UT (University of TN Volunteers).

Today, I think I'll take a break from this project and work on my next bulldog bead/pendant/ornament - I'm going to make Fred and his theme will be St. Patrick's Day. Since I already have a St. Patrick's Day Ethel sculpted bead/pendant/ornament complete, I think it's only fair to give Fred the same consideration. :)


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