Monday, December 01, 2008

Uh oh...I've made a ring....

Uh oh...this is not good...I've figured out how to make rings too. I *love* rings! Now there will probably be lots of rings coming out of the studio. This one is a HONKER though, because I used a piece I already had soldered and it was just whatever stone I grabbed to see if my idea would work. Now *I* like big rings...but I think for the "masses", I'd probably be better off going just a tad smaller. LOL this one is 1 1/4" long and is a size 8.5. It fits my middle finger on one first finger on another hand. It's a fabulous knock-you-out piece ( pop someone in the nose with this and they're goin' DOWN! Ha!). The stone in this one is Russian Jade.

I also completed another bird pendant - this one is a Sun Conure. It turned out very elegant!

Plans for the week include some more rings as well as some earrings in addition to pendants, of course. :)

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