Thursday, December 04, 2008

I'm in a blue mood today...

But some beautiful jewelry comes out of blue moods...

This magnificent beauty features this spectacular 45mm turquoise gemstone as the focal point. I accented it with two dyed turquoise jasper donut beads (framed in silver solder like the focal), turquoise howlite and freshwater pearls...all hand chained.

And then I discovered a hidden treasure in the jewelry box! Years ago, I had acquired these exquisite vintage glass stones. Well I found one, hanging precariously in a sorry excuse for a wire wrap pendant I'd made (like 12 years ago!). Needless to say, that pendant never saw the light of day... Today, I "re-discovered" the stone. And it is SMASHINGLY gorgeous! So I had to give it new life. Now it is set in hand-sculpted silver solder and hangs beautifully from a pendant bail. Take a look:

Look at that RICH aquamarine blue color! PHEW. I may have to keep this one for myself. Merry Christmas to me...Merry Christmas to me...:)

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