Monday, December 22, 2008

Time froze. His breath caught in his throat, and he held it there...

When he saw her enter the room, he froze, his glass of champagne poised at the edge of his lips. The overhead lights sparkled off of the golden liquid, illuminating his view. She's an angel, he thought, as he watched her sleek lavender dress move in concert with her every step.

Her raven hair gleamed as it cascaded down her shoulders. As she moved closer, a breeze swept through the veranda doors, gently pushing her mane away from her face. And then he saw her eyes. Her gaze met his, and his hand began to shake. Cool beads of sweat exploded across his forehead as her lips parted and she offered him a smile. Time froze. His breath caught in his throat, and he held it there, not wanting to allow it to escape, lest the moment should disappear. For at that very instant, heaven was within his reach.

This pendant gives me such a romantic feeling, I allowed my muse to take over and venture into a little romance writing. It's been years since I've written along that line...just those short couple of paragraphs made me realize how much enjoyment I got from it in the past, and how much I miss it.

Last night, I was teaching Allyson some wire techniques. We actually both worked on this pendant, so this is a collaboration between us. The amethyst rests in the center of the teardrop, which is accented with lemon jade and freshwater pearls. The color combination works well together, and I love the neatness mixed with freeform on this piece. I love clustering beads - there's just something so romantic about the look...romantic yet bold. :)

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