Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ta da! The 2008 JAI Christmas Tree Pendant is complete!

Each year on Christmas Eve, I make a Christmas tree jewel. Sometimes I've made a brooch. Sometimes pendants. This year, I've made a pendant. I only make one Christmas jewel each year, and I always make it on Christmas Eve. This is the 2008 Christmas Tree Pendant:

Strands of silver wire are intricately woven around a genuine peace stone jasper teardrop...

The focal stone is full of hues of pale lavender, soothing sage green and soft white.

Genuine translucent rainbow flourite gemstone chips - ranging from pale green to turquoise blue with purple hues - and dyed peacock metallic freshwater pearls accent the focal stone with a bed of beautiful color.

This lovely pendant is 2 3/8" x 2" in size.

Buy this pendant is a one of a kind, freeform design...there is only one available. :)


amy said...

Absolutely beautiful, Jai!

Jai Johnson said...

Thanks Amy!