Friday, December 12, 2008

Some new from the studio!

I found this cool little store in the mall recently called Earthbound. Why is it cool? Because they have this great big tray of polished and tumbled gemstones! That was the PERFECT something for a jewelry designer to stumble on in the mall! I picked out a couple of neat stones to set. This first stone is a lovely teal blue color - with little orbs and interesting striping. I have no clue what kind of stone it is, but I loved the blue color so much, I just had to get it.

This pendant is available here (at my sale pricing of only $22 which expires December 31!).

This is a gorgeous tumbled and polished Citrine gemstone. I love yellow/golden colored stones, and this one is loaded with glorious, sparkling yellow. I hear yellow is the *new* color for the upcoming season too. :) You can get this pendant here (once my sale pricing).

I got a little fancier with the pendant above. I decided to add some woven wire work into the design for the bail. This is a teardrop shaped tiger eye gemstone, and I added some freshwater pearl dangles at the bottom. This pendant is available here.

And my daughter Allyson has been making more earrings! She's also venturing into some other things...she made a bracelet yesterday which I'll photograph today. This first pair of earrings features amethyst crystal beads combined with creamy freshwater pearls in a chandelier hoop style:

You can get the above earrings here.

Then she dug into my favorite stash of rare beads/crystals and she designed this swingin' dangles with beautiful olive green/topaz combo colored crystals. She added freshwater pearls, and formed the earrings using golden jump rings. You can get these earrings here.

And she is going nuts with these BIG OLE hoops too. This is a double wave silvertone hoop and she's dangled amethyst crystals and onyx crystal beads from the bottom for a fun, but dramatic look. You can get these earrings here.

And the sun is finally out today here in TN. HOORAY! Now maybe I can get some better photographs in my studio!

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