Thursday, July 20, 2006

Working on "If I were a Butterfly"

Well I broke my good painting streak - didn't get the work done yesterday, so I'm running one day behind. "If I Were a Butterfly", the next painting in my dance series, is still in progress. It WILL be complete today! Then I'm going to work on a few animal pieces to add to the Fur & Feathers section of the new website, and I'm also starting on the Panthera Queen series, where each painting will feature a wild cat and his queen. :)

After I get through this batch of canvases (4 more after the one I'm working on now), I'm going to start ordering the deep gallery wrap canvas (1 1/2" wide) rather than these 3/4" wide ones. They are $10 more each, but I like the look of them so well and they can hang unframed at the gallery. I still frame the 3/4" ones even though I've painted the sides, simply because I think their presentation looks better in the gallery setting with a frame.

The wide ones will fit in fine without the frame, and frankly, I'm sick of fooling with frames. I can paint, but framing is not my area of expertise and most of the time, the buyers at the gallery say they don't want the frame or they would change the frame because they want to pick their own to go with their own home. Makes sense! So I'll make it easy for them (and easier for me!) - no frame! :) The way I see it, the time I spend running around finding the "perfect frame" which someone else might not care for anyway is time I can get another painting a week done.

It's only 7am and HOT HOT HOT here already. Thank goodness my studio is on the lower level - much cooler downstairs, and more encouraging for me to get down there to get to work! So THAT is where I'm headed!



P.S. I'll be working at the gallery tomorrow afternoon from 2-5:30 and on Sat morning from 10-1, so if you live in the Jackson area, come by and say hello! The gallery is located at 118 E. Lafayette St in downtown Jackson, TN. :)

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