Thursday, July 06, 2006

Still loving this watercolor on canvas

I'm still loving this watercolor on canvas I've been doing. After completing my 3 "test" paintings, I'm ready to start my big paintings. My goal with the big paintings (16x20) is to complete at least 3 of these a week, and if I can manage to complete 5, that'll be great!

Today I'm beginning the first larger painting - another gazebo/nature scene. It's amazing how these look so rich, full of deep, intense color. Part of the reason for that is on the canvas, I don't use the watercolor quite as "watery" as on paper. Since I am not a trained watercolor painter in the traditional methods, I don't have to forget what I've learned to paint on this canvas. But I can see where trained watercolor painters would have to put aside or change up some of their techniques to get the result they want on the canvas.

I'm just so excited I've found this support for painting on. I need to order my next batch of canvases online, since I purchased all the 16x20 sizes that Hobby Lobby had here and who knows when they'll replace them (since I've been looking for certain items in their art department for 6 weeks now.....sigh).

I've decided on the 16x20 size for a couple of reasons. First, it's a large enough size to make a good "impact" as a painting. It's a standard size to frame, although I am painting the sides, so framing is not necessary. It's also an easy size to ship. And since I'll be initially listing these on Ebay, shipping is something I have to consider. Plus since I work completely on my own with no helpers, I need something manageable I can pack and ship myself. Maybe someday I'll do the HUGE canvas paintings, but for now, to further explore this medium of work, I feel the 16x20 is a good size.

Guess I should take my walk - it rained yesterday so it's cooler and more comfortable this morning. The brisk air will get my head clear so when I return I can get right down to work. I plan on spending the full day in the studio to work on today's painting.


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