Friday, July 21, 2006

Where did this week GO?????

Wow....I can't believe it's Friday already! I've got another hugely busy day today.....have to get a painting sketched and the first wash done this morning, then I have to run up north to do errands and get back here before 2. I have to work at the gallery today so I'll be there from 2-5:30. Since Rachel set up the table in the window where we could paint "live and in person", I'll be taking my next painting and working on it while I'm there.

I'm taking a sunflower painting....I love sunflowers! They are just so beautiful! I have 2 planned out here - this one I'm working on today is a single flower with a dark background and a reflection on the table. The next one features a bouquet of sunflowers with a single purple rose embedded in the center.

Also on my upcoming to-do list: a golden tree frog, a dressage horse portrait, a Pomeranian portrait, a Scarlet Macaw portrait, a lion portrait (for us LEO's whose birthdays are approaching soon!), and of course the first painting in my Panthera Queens series which will feature a lady and her lion.

Think I can have all that done by the end of next week? LOL That would be a miracle if I did!

Well, off to get started on this sunflower so I can get it to a good point to take it to the gallery this afternoon. If you're in the Jackson area, come by and see me!


P.S. We've added 8x10 signed prints to the website for those of you who prefer "smaller" versions of my art! Also, I wrote to Fredrix about smaller (i.e. miniature size) watercolor canvases...they wrote back this morning and said they don't offer anything smaller than 9x12 and don't plan to unless there is a demand for it. So.....for those who have been asking for mini works - looks like I'll have to make my own miniature canvases - I'll put that on my "to do list". :) In the meantime, I have some thick border (1 1/2") 16x20 canvases on the way to me now, so soon I'll be offering those!

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