Saturday, July 29, 2006

Coffee Thoughts ~ Saturday

Our world is too "busy". Seems everywhere I go, or whenever I talk to anyone, it's like bees buzzing around a garden......busy-ness. Go from one subject to another.....forget what's been said as soon as it's said because everything is being said so quickly. Go from one place to another so quickly....everyone wants everything fast, fast, fast. Or they can't slow down enough to see if they even want it, or know what they want. I get caught up in it too. And I think that's why I like to paint - it slows me down, helps me to focus, and it gives me the ability to fully express things.

Talked with a girl last night who's really firm in her goals. She's hyper - full of energy - but focused on what she wants and is going for it. I like that. She seemed to have balance. That's cool.

The horse painting was a big hit last night when I delivered it. The new owner loved it! And I learned that mules are a "hot thing" around here. Apparently they have mule auctions and mule shows and pay big money for mules. I learn something new everyday! :) I might have to do some mule paintings sometime.

I wish I'd get some direction on what I should be painting. I can paint any subject and I really like a wide variety of subjects. And if I could get some idea of what people would really like in the way of art, I'd paint it! But I'm still getting very little feedback overall on my work, so I'm not sure which direction to go. Animals? Birds? Landscapes/scenes? Flowers? People? I love to paint ALL of those things - heck maybe I should put all of those things in large scenes! That would cover it! LOL

Of course then, with so much in a painting, nothing would be very detailed....but maybe that's what people want? Maybe they don't like the up close and personal views, maybe they don't want to see the details? Of course I've done that in a couple of paintings already - both Golden Guardians and Peacock's Paradise have a scenic quality, along with flowers and birds. And those pieces are still here, despite the good price I had them up for on auction.

Gosh it's only 9am and I'm already tired. And I have no idea of what I'm going to paint today. Sigh. And it's yucky outside....double sigh.


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