Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Coffee Thoughts ~ Wednesday

Ah...another day. Woke up thinking of my next painting - a horse portrait. Stepped outside and thought of the lawn I need to mow. UGH. Conflict!

I'm also thinking about doing some themed weeks. Once I get all these initial subjects done I'm working on, then spend one week one on subject, another week on another, and so forth and so on. I think that would further develop each line of work a bit faster.

Had weird dreams last night involving a person I have some "unfinished business" with. Another UGH. I hate it when that happens - it will probably be in the back of my mind all day and that drives me nuts as I try to stay focused on my goals.

My new canvases should be here today. These are the deep gallery wrapped canvases. I hope I have some sales soon so I can order more, otherwise pretty soon I'm going to be stuck with this desire to keep painting and no way to get the canvases to do it! THAT is a scary thought!!!!!!

I'm still loving this watercolor canvas. I've figured out a cool technique on how to do my paintings which makes things go a little faster and a little smoother. It seems I always fight with my pieces when I begin using a new medium or support, and sure enough I did that this time around. But now I feel I'm loosening up and it's become even more enjoyable.

Well I guess I'm off here to paint this horse. Think I'll call this one "Dressage Champion" as that's what he is. By the way, my daughter's still doing very well with her lessons. She's come a long, long way from last year! I'm so proud!!!! Her room looks so colorful with all of her ribbons she's won at the shows. In fact, I'm borrowing a blue ribbon of hers as I'm putting one on the horse I'm painting and need it for reference to see how to portray it correctly. :)


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