Tuesday, July 11, 2006

This is why I want to become a hermit...

...and probably why some of the best artists DO keep to themselves...

I'm out taking my walk this morning before getting ready to start my drawing for my second painting of the week. I'm focused - having a good morning and feeling good. Almost to the house, I see this man walking the CUTEST little Boston Terrier. Well this little dog is trying to pull his owner across the street to get to me, and since his owner is an older man who seemed to have trouble walking, I walked over there to say hello and pet the dog.

Turns out the man is 84, and he also likes to talk and tell stories. Which is fine, but it was getting too lengthy, so I politely said I needed to go as I had to get to work. He then asks where I work. I tell him I'm an artist (I didn't say I work at home....just that I'm an artist). He then proceeds to say "Well you don't REALLY work then. I thought you meant a real job." As I stumbled around for some response (I think he could tell his comment bothered me), he then said he was just teasing.

Unfortunately, his words (teasing or not) - and those of many others throughout my entire life - have had a negative impact on me. And unfortunately for some reason, so many people who have "real" jobs have that opinion of artists. I am CONSTANTLY trying to defend the fact that I actually DO work and I actually DO work at least twice the amount of hours in a week most people do to produce what I produce. My dad's wife paints - and it takes her MONTHS to finish a painting, if not YEARS. Me? I can have one done in one day - but that's because I work very hard at it and I put my work top priority in my life.

Do I get paid well for that work? No...NOT YET (but I will). I have my work priced very reasonably for the skill, efforts, materials, and time involved to produce the paintings I create. Maybe I should raise my prices? Maybe then these people who indicate I don't have a "real job" will fall on the floor when I tell them $5,000 (or hey, let's go for $50,000!) for a painting rather than $500. LOL

Anyway, that's why I want to become a hermit. I realize after 42 years on this earth, I cannot change other people's perception and attitudes about what I do with my life. I also cannot control what they are going to pop out with in conversation.

So for me, it's just easier to stay away from people all together. Which is a shame, because even though I love animals and birds and nature, I also happen to like humans and find other people very interesting and intriquing. But it might be best for me to stay to myself. I've been drifting that way this past year anyway, so maybe eventually I'll end up in that cabin I want in the woods with my pets, nature and wildlife.


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