Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Coffee Thoughts ~ Tuesday

Geez - can Ebay get much deader? Another painting goes off auction with no bids. Oh well...now it's on the website for my regular price. Still have some others listed though....so maybe things will pick up soon.

Spam mail......I hate it. In fact, it's the only mail (other than mail from a small list I'm on) that I've received in 4 days. No emails from actual "humans whom I know". Guess things ARE dead out there on the WWW. It's summer....I tend to forget, other people have these lives where they actually DO things....LOL.....unlike moi. :) (well okay, I am *doing* things, as you can tell from the work I've put out, but I'm still accessible to my computer)

Still thinking about these acquarium paintings and how to light them from behind. I'm thinking battery operated LED night lights might be the way to go. I really wouldn't want to go the "cord" route with lighting, as that would mean the painting would have to be located near a plug - which isn't always easy. I'm not sure if the canvas housing would make the night light think it's "always dark", however, and use all the battery up really quick. I do know if my brain ties up in knots too much more over this, I'll nix the idea for now (and then someone else will do it and it will become a huge success.....LOL). Guess I should just go find a nightlight in the house and try this idea out.

Today's project is my lion painting - I got the drawing of his beautiful portrait down on the canvas yesterday, and the first wash and first shadowing of the main color is complete. Today I hopefully will get on a roll and finish him up.

Someone asked me recently why I don't work in oils....or acrylics.....why do I choose the watercolor on canvas rather than one of the other two. Simply put, I must stay away from toxic substances. I'm taking a risk by being near the sealant spray I have to use to varish and protect my paintings. But I wear a mask and open the doors and turn on the fans when using that stuff. I don't want to wear a mask while painting, however ('cuz it's really not that comfortable!). I have to work with non-toxic materials due to being poisoned years ago and now I am super sensitive.....even if a product is "certified non-toxic", if it has any kind of chemical odor, I can't use it for any length of time.

So watercolor fits my needs - my needs to paint and create as well as my need to stay healthy and alive. The fact Fredrix developed this new watercolor canvas is just an added blessing for me, as I love art on canvas, I love the ability to not have to frame work, and I love the ability to be creating something which is different than everyone around me creates. :)

Guess I should exercise again today - it really helped yesterday. But my arms are sore (from exercise and cutting tree and bush limbs), so I think I'll just double up on the walking today. I did great on my eating and stayed away from that damn chocolate cake! :)


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