Monday, July 03, 2006

"Woodland Glow", gazebo landscape watercolor on canvas (click here to bid)

Here's my first painting being offered on the watercolor canvas - "Woodland Glow" features a gazebo secretly tucked away at the end of a path. This is a 5x7 painting and is mounted behind a black mat, size 8x10.

Soon I will begin the larger paintings on stretched canvas, but will also be doing small works like this on the canvas paper and matting them.

I've titled the series "Serenity" because all these paintings will exude a sense of peace. They will be of peaceful scenes or views which I consider peaceful.

Have I said I love this watercolor canvas? Well, I do! It enables me to do my impressionist style of work better with the watercolor. I've tried the impressionist look on paper and I just couldn't get the feel of it "right". The canvas has a different look than paper - much richer and bolder with the colors - and it performs well with my impressionist style I like to I am a really happy camper right now! :)


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