Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Work work work work

Someday, I might sleep again. :) Okay, I DO sleep, however my waking hours are just filled to the brim lately! This morning, I just finished uploading all the details for the Coloresque Carnival Jewelry Club onto the site. I finally feel like the website is now pretty much all tied together as far as my ideas for the business and getting everything organized and lined up, side by side, nice and neat.

This afternoon after I have my delicious and refreshing seafood salad and iced tea, I'll be heading down to the studio for a jewelry making marathon.

Tomorrow I'll be working helping out Rachel at the gallery all day and I'd like to have several of the Coloresque pieces ready to go down there in place of some older designs.

Tomorrow night, we have a wine and cheese "art party" at a local bank, and I'll be attending. I plan to have several necklaces with me in my new bag I bought last week which easily houses my Coloresque creations for on the spur of the moment showings.

And Friday, I'm supposed to go to my husband's business with jewels to sell - but if I don't get enough made to cover the gallery needs, I'll be putting that off until next Friday.

PHEW! I guess this is part of it when you do it all's exhausting! The good news is, the people who have purchased the new necklaces so far LOVE THEM and are telling me I need to get these in front of people MORE! So that's a positive thing.

I'm hoping to have some time after the next couple of days to work on some more jewel sculptures as well - although while I have some Coloresque pieces in progress today, I might sneak a bit of sculpture work in and get started on the little cardinal I plan to work on next. :)

Hope I'll have time to sit down and watch the guys sing on Idol tonight...yes, I am now an Idol convert....I've never watched the show before this season and I'm hooked now and am enjoying it. :)


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