Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Boston Blackie and his 4 Feline Friends

I've been super busy here, immersing myself in doing new sculptures. First completed this week was Boston Blackie. The design originally started off to be a cat, but somehow he transformed during his evolution and he morphed into a black Pit Bull with a white patch on his chest. Perhaps the felines needed a guard dog? I'm sure Blackie can handle the deal! See Boston Blackie and his new feline friends here.

The name Boston Blackie came from an old buddy of mine. Years ago on the net - actually on an Ebay list - I met a lady who offered to sell me her bear rug. I'd been looking for one and she had an antique one. Anyway, she had a cat named "Boston Blackie". I purchased the bear, and still have him on display in my home - he is a treasured member of my family. I always thought the name was interesting, and it just seemed fitting the new Pit Bull sculpture be named this way. So, G, if you are out there reading this....the name will carry on! :)


P.S. Visit the web page of the original Boston Blackie.

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