Thursday, March 23, 2006

Coloresque Rocks with a Jewel Sculpture! The Hyacinth Macaw!

Yesterday, I finally pulled together my new Coloresque Jewelry line along with my jeweled sculptures in a design which is versatile, fun, colorful and easy.

I created the Coloresque Rocks Necklace in a manner where it would hold my jewel sculpture focals - or other focal beads - with ease and attractiveness. The neckpiece has two fish hook clasps - one on each end - to easily hold a sculpture. I've created this image (click to see it larger) to show how the necklace works. I'm also providing an extra rock with the necklace to put in place of the sculpture should the buyer wish for a simpler design. And because of the linking pattern I've used in the necklace, the fish hooks can be hooked in many locations, enabling the buyer to shorten the necklace to choker length, or even wrap it a couple of times around the wrist for a chunky, fun and bold bracelet.

Now the "rocks" are not really ROCKS. Like my Coloresque Medallions, the rocks involve the same layer work and pattern work, along with the gold leaf embedded in the design. However, rather than being smoothly shaped and having the pattern end up in a swirl, the rocks are free form, each one being different and unique in it's shape and style from the next - just like real ROCKS! :)

In addition to the Coloresque Rocks Necklace, I've also created a matching style Br-Anklet and Earrings. The plan is to make up many Coloresque Rocks necklaces, with matching accessories, in various color combinations, just as I do with the medallions. A buyer can pick one favorite Coloresque Rock necklace, and then purchase my jewel sculptures to be worn as focal beads in the necklace, trading them out to suit the mood of the day. :)

Oh, and see the previous post about the Coloresque Personalized beads...I completed one with the word MOM inscribed - this will make a lovely gift for your mother for Easter or Mother's Day! Or any other day you want to make your mom feel special! Although I only have this one up on the site, I can do custom orders for the Coloresque Personalized pendants...and I can put a name, the word mom, or even special phrases, sayings, business names, etc on them.


P.S. I found a website today, with a philosophy of life similar to mine, and a love for COLOR as well...check out Daily Celebrations when you have time!

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