Saturday, March 18, 2006

The BrAnklet - What is it & Where you can get it

The newest release in the Coloresque jewelry line is the "Br-Anklet". What is it??? It's an ankle bracelet which can also be a bracelet, since the convenient lobster claw clasp can be hooked at any length under the total 9" anklet length.

The photo here depicts the Summer 2006 design, Bahama Mama, in a fabulous array of tropical colors - yellow, orange, red and sensual ocean blue! The Br-Anklet has arrived just in time for warmer weather! What a way to show off those sexy ankles! :) You can order the Bahama Mama design here, or go here to order a custom Br-Anklet in your own choices of colors.

In addition, I've created matching chandelier earrings...once again, here is where you go to get Bahama Mama style, and this is where you click to order your own custom chandeliers in this style.

Also, you might be interested in checking out a special preview of the press release which is going out on Monday, the 19th. These two pieces, along with the American Spirit designs, are up for a wonderful opportunity!

And while I've been buried in the studio working out these cool designs, it has turned cold here again. Sigh. It will be a while before I can wear my own Br-Anklet....darnit! :(


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