Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hummingbird Hanging Jewel Sculpture

Here's my latest jewel sculpture - the Hummingbird. This piece was challenging (but then they ALL are!) due to posing him in such a way to decrease fragility in the beak area. A long, thin beak made with this material pointing outward would have been a problem if he ever gets knocked about. In the pose this little jewel is in, the problem is eliminated.

Read more details about the hummingbird and bid on him this week only here.

I've also decided NOT to continue to list my Coloresque jewels on Ebay. As much as I would like to - fees are getting to be too much there. Instead, I'll be listing on Coloresque necklace a day to get them out into the marketplace here, at ArtbyUs.Com auctions. Since they are so artistic, each like a mini abstract painting the size of a fingerprint, I figure they fit in well at this art auction website.

And speaking of the Coloresque jewels, I've added many new selections recently to the website. Please stop in and take a look! Register with the site to become eligible to win a free Coloresque Art Charm - I'll be giving away one each month to one of the site registrants.

I had a great visit with my brother who was just here from Florida. Got a little behind on my work, but yesterday I managed to work over 12 hours, so I'm getting back to my "normal" work day. :)


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