Thursday, March 09, 2006

Praying for Sales? You BET!

I spent the day down at the art gallery "watching the store" for the owner while she prepared to get ready for an event we are having tonight at a local bank. At one point, she told me something very interesting.....she said she'd heard to actually PRAY for SALES. She's been doing this for a couple weeks, and each day since, she's had at least one sale of a piece of art at the gallery. She said it doesn't matter how you pray - or who you pray TO - but it's very important to ask for the sale.

That was several hours ago. I've made *5* sales of pieces in the new Coloresque line of jewels since.

See, I'd been doing things a bit wrong...I always pray - always. But I felt "guilty", I guess you might say, asking for the sale. So I didn't pray specifically for that. Now I am, and viola! I'm earning money now toward my utility bill! (my most recent concern) So - I am now praying for MORE sales. I'll be going to the art event at the bank tonight with a bag full of Coloresque jewels and business cards. :)

I might mention, even my MOTHER (who rarely likes anything I do) loves these jewels and she specifically told me the day before yesterday - "you need to get these in front of people!" I told her I'm trying!

So, if you are reading this and you haven't looked at the new line of jewels, if you haven't considered a custom order, if you haven't placed a wholesale order, or if you haven't registered on my site yet to be eligible for a free Coloresque charm, then I'm asking you NOW.....go to and check things out! These are jewels you will LOVE and get compliments on, and enjoy wearing because they are so comfy. (I wore a pendant and earrings set at the gallery today and didn't even realize I had it on......but customers did!) So go check it out!


P.S. All of my current Bulldog Sculptures are now at the gallery on display - I'm praying someone comes along and buys the Fred & Ethel St. Patrick's Day designs - they would make such a good addition to any bulldog collection or to a St. Patrick's Day display!

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