Monday, March 13, 2006

Sameville, the Artist, and Beyond

Today I went insane. Okay so maybe I'm insane on most days, but today something really got to me....I'd entered Sameville. Sameville is a place I stay away from - intentionally. It's described as a place where everything looks the same - everything is gray, all people and animals look the same, as well as buildings. There is no contrast. Nothing to stand out against something else.

It's not my work I entered Sameville with - it's my life. I've been busting my ass working 18 hour days and it suddenly dawned on does one have fun? Now, yes, I've had periodic periods of fun, *but* the majority of my time has been being spent trying to build up a business, make enough artistic creations, and to make others aware that I and those creations exist. Even my recent "fun" times involved - or centered - around my work. And with the exception of a good movie or TV show here and there, or a visitor coming into town once a year, any other kind of fun has unfortunately become non-existant.

So I decided today to chill out and read a book...and the author speaks of this place called Sameville. And I realized I'd located myself. I've moved into Sameville - totally unknowingly, but yes, I had relocated.

UGH! I don't LIKE Sameville. I also don't like to have a wild go-go-go kind of me that is incredibly frustrating. I like my peace and quiet. BUT, I can have fun in peace and quiet - as long as it's not related to my work. I made that decision today. See, Sameville is boring. It's blah. There's no contrast.

And the funny thing is, this is specifically what I avoid within my work! The items I create are living in Diverse City! No Sameville for my work!

For example, I could make a mold of a Macaw sculpture and make hundreds of them. But WHY? What does that give those hundreds of customers? The same thing! Nothing wrong with that, if that's what you like...but how much more interesting would it be if each Macaw sculpture I create is from scratch, by hand, and colored the way HE (the bird) decides the color should flow? Suddenly those hundreds of customers might have a similar Macaw made by me, BUT, colors would be different, and eyes and expressions would be unique...individual...just like US! *That* sounds much more interesting to me!

One reason I love my Coloresque jewelry is because of the splendor and variety of COLOR. But another reason is because no matter if I use the SAME color combination on many pieces, each pendant turns out unique and different from the next. Individual...just like US. Definitely much more interesting.

So why did I let my own "life" slip into Sameville? Who knows. Too focused. Too determined. Too forgetful of the fact I need more. Too stupid to remember the meaning of the word "balance". So it's time to leave Sameville. It's time I stepped into Diverse City. The cardinal sculpture I'm working on can wait until tomorrow. Tonight I am thinking of melted cheese on tortilla chips, a good TV show, some iced tea, and a book which dares me to imagine more, experience more, and be all that I can be - the artist and beyond.


P.S. Did you know that imagination is the most divine and mighty gift of the human race? I didn't realize that until I read it today in my book. People are always mentioning my creativity and vivid imagination...and I had no idea what a blessing it truly is. I am so very grateful to have this gift!


Uncle Marty said...

I am sitting here and wondering how to add to your life and not adding to your "sameness".
Yes, we all make decisions in life. Some good and others bad.
Your talent is obvious but there is much more to life.
There is a way to control the interference others might have with your life style and not be totally committed to anyone else unless that is your desire.
There are others who need you to visit, will not make demands and you will add to the dimension of their "sameness" of life.
Think about all the men & woman who have returned from war, with injuries beyond belief. Locate a Veterens hospital and share your knowledge. Donate a few hours of your time. When you return to your work place, you will be saddened to have seen so much suffering but you will have the satisfaction of knowing you have brought light to others.
You have everything, talent and good looks.
Think about giving freely and not what you can get.
I was raised by my grandfather, a man who was wise and thoughtful.
He believed in Staduka (Jewish for charity) even when he could not afford to give. He never passed a beggar without giving even a few pennies.
Start thinking about giving a few pennies. The value will come back to you in big dollars.
Uncle Marty

Paula said...

Ah Uncle Marty... a man after me own heart!

Jai -- repeat after me, "My time is coming! Until then I will wallow in my own creativity and relish the joy that my work gives me" Sameville shall pass. :)