Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Oh! My new cool little gadget!!!!!

Oh! I forgot to mention the COOL little gadget my brother bought me while he was here. This is called a Kodak Easy Share Picture Viewer. I had told him I wanted something simple to keep with me to show my jewelry photos of available selections to people "on the fly". He found this online, and we searched ALL OVER town and finally found one at Wolf Camera (after being told by clerks at Best Buy and numerous other stores that "they don't make such a thing"....yeah okay....:))

Anyway, this thing is really NEAT! Of course the software which comes with it doesn't work correctly, so you have to go to the Kodak site and download the newer software. And I've managed to get all of the current Coloresque selections I have photos of on this little machine as well as my jewel sculptures. I just love's the size of a thick credit card and has a great screen for viewing photos. I'll be using it a lot in the next few days and I hope it works to get some more folks interested in my new jewelry line!


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