Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Pacific Splendor in SILVER w/ pearls...and...some special news....

Check out my Pacific Splendor pattern in SILVER this time! This pendant is quite a bit smaller than the original PS pattern in brass...and this one I've added a few freshwater pearls to dance around the top of the marquis shaped setting. Here's several photos for you!

And speaking of photos...I spent most of the day making an outdoor photo studio in order to get photos of my pieces WITHOUT GLARE. Of course they are shiny, so there's always going to be light hitting them SOMEWHERE. But for web photos, people might think that glare is an actual white area...and I really want people to see the jewels in the best light possible.

This all stemmed from a request for me to send photos of a certain piece of jewelry for inclusion in a book coming out this fall. The book is called Polymer Clay Mixed Media Jewelry by Shirley Rufener. I submitted photos of my Tropical Aves & Flora necklace, as that is the perfect representation for a technique covered in the book. I had to photo this necklace in high resolution today and the glare spots were KILLING ME. So I ended up creating a whole new studio spot just to get the photos made of this necklace. I sent off the CD today with the new photos without the glare, taken in my new photography area. Woohoo!

Now my legs and lower back are killing me from all that outdoor work in the cold, and I'm going to hit the couch and watch American Idol. I missed seeing Carly last week and I love her - a good ole IRISH GIRL like ME! :) (only I can't sing!) Later, Jai

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