Friday, March 07, 2008

From the sleet & snow emerge 3 new beauties...

Thank God for jewelry design keeps me sane! I wake up this morning to no heat. JOY. It's only 30 something out....I go check the thermostat and lo and behold, it reads 63. Since I haven't had any coffee and can't see squat yet, I blink a few, no, that was *62*. I go outside in the dark with a flashlight (after hitting the button to turn on the coffee first!) and the heater is making noise - but it's not right. Sigh. Just what I need.

As I sip on coffee I fiddle with the thermostat, wishing a wrong button had gotten pushed and this thing would miraculously come back on. No such luck. Now it reads *61*. Sleet is expected to hit Jackson this morning, turning to snow by mid-afternoon....OH HOW FUN.

After I get a few cups of coffee in me, I called a repair company, and they were kind enough to send someone out first thing. $209 later, I can take off my coat and enjoy the warmth of home.

Thanks to the vibrant colors of polymer I use in my designs, I can feel warmth just by looking at them. Jewelry making is one of my only pleasures in life. No matter what is going on around me - no matter what goes wrong, or who decides it's 'pick on Jai' day...I can always escape with my designs. Especially with the woven wire settings I'm making to incorporate my polymer designs into...weaving is very soothing. Thanks to some great Metalworker friends over on Myspace who graciously taught me some tips and tricks, I've managed to develop my own special style of setting polymer into abstract-ly shaped woven settings.

I'm really pleased with the looks I'm getting out of these. I've always preferred a "fine jewelry look" and I feel I've achieved it with my new wire/polymer pieces. Anyway, I've just added these three to the site - they are now available to purchase. If you're interested, click the title of this blog to see more photos and detailed descriptions. --InJoy, Jai


Wanda said...

Gorgeous, as usual!

Sorry about having to have the heat fixed. It's always something, isn't it?

(And no, I haven't blogged today.*g*)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jai...well it seems your adversity compelled you to create some brilliant jewelry. I love all of them (especially the red/blue combo).

Praying that God will bless your faithfulness with some good "stuff" REAL soon!

Love& Prayers,
SEAshellLady (Sharon from AAL Group)