Friday, March 28, 2008

New ACEO art cards: Birds (Macaw, Sun Conure)....Eyes

This week I've been working on my art...I've completed 3 new ACEO art trading cards and I've put them on Ebay as they were having a listing sale. (99 cents, no reserve...check them out here!)

I had this "craving", I guess you might say, to do a piece of art where the subject was busting out of paper. So I did the Blue and Gold Macaw first.

And then to celebrate my new glasses and the fact I can see things a little better without so much strain, I did this second art card titled "Eye See You", with the same concept of busting out of the paper.

And thirdly, I completed a Sun Conure portrait. These will all be in my cafepress shop ( on products soon as well. But you can get the originals on auction this week only.

Hope you like them!

InJoy, Jai

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