Friday, March 21, 2008

From birds to Frogs, Cats & Flowers!

I've decided something...I love painting little pictures on pendants. After I get my glasses, I'll be able to do sooooo many more of these! :)

I switched gears from birds and completed a tree frog (titled Climbing to the Top), a pair of plumeria flowers (titled Best Friends), and a Ragdoll Cat portrait pendant.

Considering I used the wrong kind of base clay and these were too smooth, and took FOREVER to complete, I think they turned out pretty good. My next round of pendants, however, will be created using the correct base clay (with more tooth for the Prismacolor pencils).

As I was doing these, I was thinking, I could literally stay in my studio the rest of my life making these little art gems, and I'd be extremely happy.

So what's next on the agenda...hmmm...I have no clue right now. My eyes are too tired to start anything new today - but tomorrow I should be raring to go. If you have suggestions on what subject you'd like to see on one of these pendants, leave me a comment and I'll see if I can do it.


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