Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Being dizzy won't get me down...here's 2 new pendants!

I can honestly say it's been a helluva week...or almost two...actually. I've been having some health issues...specifically with dizziness and almost passing out. And just a general WEIRD feeling. I ended up in the ER on Saturday...they checked me out from top to bottom, including a CT scan, and everything was "normal". I left there with a recommendation to see an eye doctor and to get some help with getting my stress level down.

So yesterday I had my first ever eye doctor appointment. To say I was nervous was an understatement. I mean, I knew I'd have to go sooner or later...I've needed glasses for a year or so now and I was just putting it off. But the dizziness got me to go.

So I went, had my eyes dialated and all day yesterday I couldn't see worth a darn. And yes, I need glasses. The doc said he didn't think it was my eyes that was causing the constant, daily dizziness I've been having for almost 2 weeks though...he did say my eyes were extremely dry, which can cause me to be more sensitive to light...which can cause me to feel overstimulated, and THAT could cause the dizziness. He, also, suggested I get some "help" with my stress.

Well, I'm not a prescription med kind of person. Not that I wouldn't use it - but only if totally necessary. I have no insurance and no funds for expensive doctors and pills. So tonight I have a bottle of Kava Kava arriving...which is a wonderful herb to help with anxiety and stress. I used it during two other periods of stress in my life and it worked well...I hope it will this time too.

As for the eyes...I go tomorrow to pick out some frames. I had to borrow the money to pay the first half of the bill...and I'll have to come up with the other half by next week in order to actually get my glasses.

Surprisingly, I didn't get dizzy at the eye doctors and I've been feeling better since. He gave me drops for the dry eye, and this red eye I've had for a week and a half appears to be going away now.
I felt better today...actually I'm somewhat relieved there's no really serious condition. Not to say stress isn't serious, because it can kill you. But my heart is fine, my bloodwork is all good, and I have no odd things showing up in my head (well, I know some of you think that's debateable...:) ).
Since I felt better today, I decided to do some work. I made these two pendants. Both are Prismacolor color pencil on polymer clay. Considering what I've been going through, I'm surprised they turned out so well!

Well it's time to rest my eyes...just thought you all might enjoy seeing some new creations, since it's been a while.


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