Saturday, March 08, 2008

Beautiful snow here in Jackson, TN and Max loves it!

The morning began at 5 am. Of course it was dark then, but Max wanted to go out anyway. I waited to take these photos later. As you can see, I made a note on the truck that we were out there at 5am.

After daylight, we went out again...Max is checking out his surroundings.

And now we go out front. Max really stands out in the white stuff! This is all new to him. He's 14 months old and never seen a "big" snow until now.

Ooohhh, the ice and snow has weighted down the bushes at the back of the driveway.

Max finally gets loose....this stuff is FUN!

And it tastes good too!

What was that? I know something moved under there!

Aha! I found a's a stick!

Ice Ice baby!

Anyone up for basketball?

And here comes the sun.

Beautiful...beautiful, quiet morning. Just the way I like it!

InJoy, Jai

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