Friday, August 19, 2005


Well, I haven't gotten far on the Tropical Aves & Flora neckpiece...the first bead is partially done, but is not ready to show yet. I had some other work to finish first - and here are photos of them (click them to see more detail):

The first bead you see above is reversible, with another design on the back. It's titled "Night Peeper" and has my newest favorite thing...a red-eyed tree frog. The back has an elaborate leaf design in a matching green color. The Tropical Aves & Flora neckpiece will have 7 beads like this.

The second piece is a brooch/pendant combo created in some new bezel settings I received in this week. The title is "Focused" and it features a calico cat. It's the first piece in a new series of brooch/pendants I'll be doing titled "Expressions". Each jewel will feature the beauty of an animal expression (the EYES), up close and personal.

I have some errands to do today, but will be back this afternoon in the studio working on the first bead for Tropical Aves and Flora. I'll give you a clue...this one has a blue and gold Macaw on the front and a yellow orchid on the back. :)



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