Sunday, August 28, 2005

Emerge from the Cocoon - a fall 2005 jewelry challenge

I know, I know, I still haven't completed bead #3 in Tropical Aves & Flora...but I PROMISE, it's coming!

I was busy this week setting up a challege for the jewelry can read about it here:

I think it will be such fun to see the cocoons turn into butterflies!

I also was finishing getting my newsletter set up and formatted as well as all of my customer names into a database. Administrative details that are about 2 months overdue! Now it's set up on my site, and I sent out the first newsletter yesterday. Here's a link if you want to read it!
August 2005

I've also decided to set up a separate "bead gallery" page on my site which has ONLY focal beads for jewelry designs for sale on it. My gallery page now only consists of finished jewelry items, but I do have several NICE focal beads here using other techniques I've done before, as well as my current technique. So I'm going to be getting them up on their own page soon for the jewelry designers to choose from.

Just taking care of business....:) I've found if I have other business things on my mind, it squelches my creativity a bit, so it's better to get those things wrapped up. But I *am* going to be working on bead # 3 in the design today - maybe I'll even get lucky and have it completed by tomorrow? We'll see!


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