Thursday, August 25, 2005

Flamboyance Parrot Tulip Pendant!

Good EVENING! I have been hard at work AGAIN in the studio and I have another pendant to share with you all before I give you a hint to the next bead in my necklace evolution project.

This piece is titled FLAMBOYANCE:

What could be more flamboyant than a parrot tulip, unfolding before your eyes? I added some genuine gold leaf to this piece for added sparkle and drama. The bail is 14K gold filled bezel wire. I have placed this piece on the title line above to go to the auction and snatch it up! I know, it's a ridiculously low price, but I have some bills to pay! I also put 2 more pieces on Ebay, including FOCUSED, the cat brooch/pendant I shared recently.

Now.....for your TEASER CLUE....the next bead in Tropical Aves & Flora has a SUN CONURE and a HIBISCUS flower on it. It's been in the oven for the first firing, but still has quite a way to go until completion. So just be's on the way!


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