Friday, August 12, 2005

Keeper Takes the Cake w/ New Radiant Canary Ring!

Wow - what a nice birthday I had this year! So much better than last year.

I wore Keeper of the Peeper on my evening out...she got the attention and a free birthday brownie with ice cream at Lonestar Steakhouse!

Here's a photo of Keeper on the multiple gold chain adjustable choker necklace I wore her this small photo for larger image:

What started off the day nicely was the new CZ added to my collection. I've been wanting a canary yellow stone for a few years now, and I received the perfect one! Set in a gorgeous yellow gold band with an intricate scroll design, is a 5 carat radiant emerald cut canary yellow center stone, offset with what I believe are special radiant emerald cut side stones. The side stones are "tapered", (longer mm on top and shorter on bottom) which is unusual. I've never seen side stones like these. Total carat wieght of the ring is 6 carats...the 2 clear side stones are .50 carats each. It's a STUNNING piece and I love the yellow because it's such a happy, mood lifting color! Ready for photos? Click on any of these to see larger versions:

All in all, it was a lovely day. Of course I ate way too much and will be mowing the yard today to work off those extra calories!

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indigogarden said...

What a beautiful ring, Jai. :) I love the scrollwork on the band. Happy birthday!