Monday, August 08, 2005

Maiden of Lavender Garden

Good evening! I've been working really hard here finishing up a few pieces...including this one:

Click to see details and click here to see a REALLY GOOD closeup! Also, there are a few more pieces added to the gallery at including a cat pendant and a striking lily pendant....both of those are on Ebay. Visit my auctions here if you'd like to take home one of my pieces for a bargain.

I was going to put Maiden of Lavender Garden on there, but I am not willing to lower the price on her to what it would entail to sell on Ebay. I've spent over 40 hours on her! I think she turned out stunning....the purples and blues worked so well together for the hair color, too. And I decided at the last minute to add an earring and feature a tiny hummingbird on the earring. I'd have to say it's my best piece yet in this technique. Hmmm...wonder if Art Jewelry magazine would be interested in this piece? I will think about that as I go off to la-la-land.

P.S. 144....26 pounds lost....9 more to go to reach goal #1!

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