Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Wow....I've just surprised myself!

I've just painted a landscape. And that's a surprise? Yep. I don't paint landscapes - or I didn't much before today except in miniature on my jewelry. And I've surprised myself - I can do it!

I figured since landscapes are so popular, I'd better pick a type I like and add them to my portfolio. So I picked waterfalls and streams...but I'll do anything with water. I *love* being near water - it's soothing to me. And since I've been around a lot of waterfalls and streams, as well as lakes, I decided to focus on landscape work which involves water.

The painting is almost complete.....I have 3 small spots I feel I need to touch up, and then it has to dry completely before I can photograph it. At this point, I'm very pleased with the outcome!

My next piece will be a cat. Remember the "100 Fabulous Felines" series I was working on in polymer clay? I did 4 pieces in polymer (miniature paintings). Click here to see them. Anyway, I decided to continue on with this series, but on paper instead of polymer. I don't know if I will actually do 100 of them....so I am just going to make them a part of the "Fabulous Felines" series.

I was going to take my tiger portrait to the gallery today, but didn't make it - maybe tomorrow. Speaking of the tiger in my previous post, I wondered if anyone noticed the pattern which appears in the background? And if you see the same thing I do? (and no, I didn't plan it...the pattern wasn't visible to me until AFTER I photographed the piece). Just curious as to if I am the only one who sees it. :)

Well, back to the studio to finish this waterfall landscape. I might call it "Fantasy Falls" or something along that line - it's very colorful and beautiful!


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