Saturday, May 27, 2006

Birth Journey, the finished painting

And here it is...."Birth Journey", the finished painting.....the perfect choice in imagery for any pregnant woman.

As I said in my previous post about this painting, I've created this piece especially for Kelly, who is going to give birth to my nephew Alex on Tuesday, May 30 (if not before!).

Through this illustration, I've attempted to depict a journey of birth. Every image in the painting is representative of something or someone. Of course the woman on the sphere is the mother-to-be. The imagery in the sky is representative of the baby and the mother's feelings of developing love for her child.

The lion has been implemented into the painting to show strength - during this time of life, a mother-to-be needs a source of strength to pull her through the journey. The lion represents the person who is the biggest source of strength for the mother.

The mother-to-be is in deep contemplation here as she realizes she is about to bring this miracle into the world.

The three tiny tree frogs are representative of supporters in the mother's life as she makes her journey.

And the parrots throughout the painting are representative of parents of the child's mother and father - grandparents, or other special people in the mother's life...onlookers, if you will, watching over this journey of birth with the experience of having been there themselves and imparting their own wisdom, best wishes, and prayers to the mother-to-be and her new baby.

To order prints, notecards, etc. of "Birth Journey" for a special mother-to-be in your own life, please visit this page.


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