Saturday, May 06, 2006

What's happening in the studio this weekend....

Currently I'm working on a commission piece of art featuring an old Dodge truck. It's going to be a large painting - about 16 x 22 when complete. Despite the fact it's torn up and rusted really bad, I can already tell from making my initial line drawing this piece is going to be a real challenge! I think the rust color will be fun to paint...rust isn't just "reddish brown", you know. It actually is very colorful and the rust I'll be painting has green, yellow, pink, purple and blue all in with the normal "rust" color. So I'm looking forward to getting to the color stage. The line drawing is complete and now I'm doing shading with a gray watercolor pencil.

This piece of art will be titled "This Ole Truck" and I'll probably write a story or poem to go along with it, based on some things the buyer has told me. The original art will be on display at a local Dodge dealership, with a special promotional event being held at some point. It will also be available as prints and a note card set.

I spent the morning looking through over 12,000 reference photos of Cockatiels for another bird series I'm doing. So I already feel exhausted, as it took approximately 7 hours of time just sitting and looking at the photos. PHEW!

The mockingbird from the nest outside my studio window has gotten her babies out of her nest, and I just spent a few minutes outside checking out one of the babies. They are so cute when they are little like that! We also have baby bluebirds in the neighborhood. They have been hatched in my neighbor's bluebird box and Mom and Dad have been really active lately around here, so I've gotten to enjoy their lovely bright blue coloring. :)

My friend Paula is taking on the biggest loser weight loss challenge...she wrote me this morning and she has lost 7 pounds her first week! YOU GO GIRL! From my adventure in weight loss last year (and a couple times before that!) I know exactly how challenging it is. I know Paula can do it - and she wants to win that grand prize, so that will definitely help to motivate! :)

Well back to the studio I guess....I hear the old truck calling my name!


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