Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Serenity Falls, landscape painting (click here to see!)

And here it is....."Serenity Falls", a waterfall landscape painting I just completed. I'm tickled with the way this painting turned out! And I know this is sure a place I'd love to be spending my time! When we used to live in Hendersonville, I would ride my bike down to the end of our neighborhood where I could go on a path through the woods, to a clearing which overlooked a big lake. I spent a lot of time there by the water as I wrote poetry, short stories, and even a novel! I miss the water, but I still get to see a lot of streams and waterfalls in the places I visit throughout the year. I'd give anything to have this scene in my backyard though! :)

Go here to see the larger photo, read more, and order prints or even purchase the original art!


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